Kill Me (Dvd)


Ozan and Atilla are two colleagues who travel from village to village making a TV program about local life and foods. They come a mysterious village in Dikili. Ozan drinks Aunt Emine's fruit juice and his life changes. He realizes that he is an immortal. They want to leave the village but people that have had the juice are not permitted to leave. Atilla leaves Ozan in the village because he hasn't yet had the drink. Chief of village, Grandpa Hulusi, helps Ozan by consoling him about this situation. For a while, Ozan's girlfriend Duygu comes to the village but is confused about the changes in Duygu and so leaves. Ozan actually understands that it is an opportunity to live in this village and he learns that he creates everything around him - even he dreams make things appear in real life. 

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